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Chronic liver disease (CLD) and Covid

Chronic liver disease (CLD) and Covid

People with chronic liver disease should follow the same preventive actions being taken by people with other underlying medical conditions to avoid getting sick with or spreading COVID-19.

In addition to it chronic liver disease patients can take the following measures:

  • If you are presently taking hepatitis B or hepatitis C treatment, or other chronic conditions, it is important to continue your treatment and follow the advice of your healthcare provider and make sure you have enough of your medication at home to reduce unnecessary visits to health services or pharmacies.
  • Liver Cancer patients with weakened immune systems after chemotherapy are more prone to get infections with other germs
  • Talk to your healthcare provider about vaccination. Chronic liver disease patients are advised to receive vaccinations against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza (flu), and pneumococcal disease.
  • Try to get a telemedicine link through your health care provider’s online portal. If telemedicine is not available to you, you can communicate with your doctor by phone or text.
  • Smoking or tobacco consumption could increase your risk of severe respiratory illness. Quitting smoking may reduce your chances of developing serious complications from COVID-19.
  • Stay socially connected by phone, chat or video chat and keep yourself mentally healthy.

After exposure with Covid patient

Call your healthcare provider if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 e.g. fever sore throat, cough or breathing difficulty.


People with chronic liver disease, like others with higher risk for COVID-19 infection, should stay at home if possible, and avoid unnecessary travel.