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Dr. Manoj Gupta

Dr. Manoj Gupta

Sr. Consultant Liver Transplant, Laparoscopic Surgery & Surgical Gastroenterology

Patient Testimonials

He is the best doctor i have ever seen. He is so humble and too polite. His behavior is too much friendly and he is too communicative. Most importantly he is available all the time for his patient.

Labiba Annafi Ibnat Nabi

A perfect blend of tremendous professional acumen and a wonderful human being.He is very helpful and approachable.Once you are with Dr. Manoj Gupta...rest assured, you are in safe hands....!!! Highly recommended.

Ishwar Bhagat Negi

Liver Transplant FAQ's

What Is Liver Transplant?

Liver transplant is the process of replacing the damaged liver with a healthy liver. Liver transplant provides the patient with new life and in the majority of the cases, this surgery improves and prolongs the life of the patient. Liver transplant is a complex process and requires a comprehensive health evaluation of the patient before surgery.

What Are The Different Types Of Liver Transplant?

Based on the source of a healthy liver, a liver transplant can be divided into the following two types:

Living donor transplantation: In such transplantation, liver to be transplanted comes from a healthy living donor from family. A part of donor liver is taken out to transplant in recipient.

Deceased donor transplantation: In deceased donor transplantation, the liver is received from a brain dead person.

When Does Liver Transplantation Is Required?

Liver transplant is the last resort treatment in severe end stage liver diseases, also known as cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is the scarring of the liver that replaces healthy liver tissues. It is caused due to viral infections, fatty liver, prolonged and high alcohol intake, and autoimmune diseases.

What Is The Legality Of Liver Transplant In India?

Liver transplant is legal in India. However, to prevent the commercialization of organs and to streamline the procedure for obtaining liver for transplantation, it is kept in the legal ambit through Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994.

What are the contraindications for Liver Transplant?

Liver transplant is not recommended in the following patients:

  • Life-threatening heart, nerve or ling disease
  • Suffering from cancer at other parts of the body
  • Severe infection

What Are The Risks Of Liver Transplant Surgery?

Liver transplant is major surgery and like other major surgeries, it also carries a certain risk and side effects. Following are some of the risks related to liver transplant are:

  • Bleeding
  • Graft dysfunction: Poor function of the transplanted liver
  • Infection
  • Liver rejection
  • Bile leak or stricture
  • Hepatic artery or portal vein thrombosis

What Are The Chances Of Successful Liver Transplant?

Majority of the patient live a healthy life after having a liver transplant although the survival depends upon various factors. If done at appropriate time in fit patient, success rates can be more then 95%.

What Is The Recovery Time After Liver Transplant?

The patient gets discharged from the hospital within 14-15 days. With proper medications, healthy diet and adhering to doctor's instruction, the patient may resume his normal life within 3 months after surgery.

How The Care Of Liver To Be Done After Transplant Surgery?

The patient should visit the doctor as per the schedule provided. The patient should not meet too many people a this may increase the risk of infection. You should take prescribed medicines on time and eat a healthy diet and think positively.