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Dr. Manoj Gupta

Dr. Manoj Gupta

Sr. Consultant Liver Transplant, Laparoscopic Surgery & Surgical Gastroenterology

Patient Testimonials

He is the best doctor i have ever seen. He is so humble and too polite. His behavior is too much friendly and he is too communicative. Most importantly he is available all the time for his patient.

Labiba Annafi Ibnat Nabi

A perfect blend of tremendous professional acumen and a wonderful human being.He is very helpful and approachable.Once you are with Dr. Manoj Gupta...rest assured, you are in safe hands....!!! Highly recommended.

Ishwar Bhagat Negi

Stomach Surgery

Stomach surgery is required in the condition which is not treated with non-invasive treatment options available. Stomach acid disease, when not treated with conservative, non-invasive means may require surgery. Removal of the stomach is a standard treatment in the management of stomach cancer. Other diseases which require stomach surgery include gastroparesis, and dysphagia.

What Is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is the formation of cancerous cells in the stomach lining. Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. The condition may occur at any part of the stomach. Patients with stomach cancer experience indigestion and pain in the stomach. Although the sixth most common cancer all over the world, it is third in claiming lives due to cancer.

Whar Are The Causes Of Stomach Cancer?

Although the definite cause of cancer is not known, various factors increase the risk of stomach cancer. Male is twice at more risk of developing stomach cancer as compared to female. It is believed that estrogen present in female protect them against this cancer. The risk factors include:

  • H. pylori infection
  • Incorporation of smoked food, processed meat, red meat, and pickled vegetables may increase the risk of stomach cancer. Although the connection between food and the risk of stomach cancer is weak, it is best to take a healthy diet which includes fresh fruits.
  • Genetics
  • Chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia

What Are The Treatment Options For Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer can be managed through medications, radiotherapy, and surgery. The treatment strategy is based on the stage and severity of the disease.  Medications include chemotherapy, targeted medications, and immunotherapy.  Surgical options for stomach cancer include Subtotal gastrectomy in which a portion of the stomach is removed, Total gastrectomy, and Endoscopic mucosal resection. Now a day’s these surgeries can be done through laparoscopic methods (Key Hole surgery) also.